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With all the challenges of Alzheimer’s that your loved one faces, our experienced home care team in Edmonton can help!

  • We offer a free initial in-home assessment and consultation to determine your needs
  • We provide companionship to keep your loved one socially engaged and safe
  • We ensure compassionate individual treatment through professional health care services
  • We conduct ongoing communication with the family, as requested, ensuring everyone’s peace of mind
  • We offer 24-hour on-call support for questions and emergency care to deal with any question or issues that arise


Alzheimer’s disease has been identified as the second most feared disease by aging Canadians.

Our Executive Director in Edmonton

Donna Wynn has been involved in helping people with physical, mental and emotional challenges for over 10 years. Born and raised in the Edmonton area, she has a strong connection with the local community and a true desire to help others. Over the years, she has seen first-hand the challenges that her own family members have faced with illness, aging and providing family support. Both grandmothers dealt with challenges that affected Donna deeply. She witnessed the toll that caring for a loved one took on her family, wishing there had been more help and support available.

As her own parents are aging and want to remain in the home they love, Donna supports their choice while recognizing the importance of preserving a safe, comfortable home environment. “They want to remain at home forever”, says Donna and. “I know now I can help them do that. I see how important their personal routines and habits are; their favorite chair, rooms and belongings and I want them to have the choice to do what is right for them. I have this same desire to help other seniors in our community.”

As owner and Executive Director of Retire-At-Home Services in Edmonton, Donna Wynn will continue the company’s reputation of quality care for seniors into her community, treating all her clients as though they were her own family.

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Retire-At-Home Edmonton

6030 88 Street NW, Suite 220

Edmonton, AB T6E 6G4

Phone:  (780) 435-9959

Donna Wynn and Retire-At-Home proved to be a lifeline for our family when we were very much in need of solutions for our elderly father. With three grown children living in a different city, and no long term strategy in place for our Dad, who had always been independent and capable, we were suddenly overwhelmed and challenged with no understanding of resources that existed or where to turn. We met Donna Wynn quite by accident on one of our worst days, and her kindness and professional care was extraordinary and evident from the start. She treated our Dad with respect and compassion, and while we have since moved him out of Alberta, she continues to stay in touch, and show care and concern for our family. I don’t quite know what we would have done without Donna and Retire-At-Home.


Thank you Donna – you’ve been a rock throughout this entire situation and we are very lucky to know you and your staff!


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