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senior moviesWhile many people from the turbulent ’60s are now joining the ranks of senior citizens, it is still the WW2 generation that makes up the majority of seniors living on their own. This group of people may be known as the greatest generation because of their efforts during the war years, but the era also produced some of the most beloved movies of all time.

When considering the best movies for seniors to enjoy, it is important to keep in mind the values of the WW2 generation. Men and women who were raised in that era valued their country, culture, family, hard work, and morality. Not only were the movies filmed during this era among the most brilliant ever made, they were also wholesome. It is natural that a top-ten list of movies for seniors will be comprised mostly of films from that golden era, but there are also a few modern surprises to make the list as well.

10. Bringing Up Baby

One could probably just throw a list of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant movies together and the result would be a top-ten list of the all-time greatest movies. But this comedy involving an eccentric girl, a lion, and a bachelor probably forces more involuntary laughter from a person than any screwball comedy before or since.

9. The Philadelphia Story

Long before profane movies such as The Hangover, there was this hilarious movie which also featured Hepburn and Grant. The film involves divorce, alcohol, carousing, and never once caused anybody watching to wince or blush; just laugh.

8. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The only thing one needs to know about this action-adventure is that while Bogart stars and Huston directs, greed takes center stage for a thrilling conclusion.

7. National Treasure

This movie makes the list despite being filmed in 2004. Nicholas Cage, possibly the the closest thing to Jimmy Stewart that modern film goers have, stars as a man who has to track down the stolen Declaration of Independence. The film is notable for its story, wild action, and lack of swearing and sexual content.

6. It’s a Wonderful Life

Speaking of Jimmy Stewart, this Frank Capra classic is worth watching no matter how many times one has seen the picture.

5. The Thin Man

William Powell and Myrna Loy star in this successful movie series from the 1930s as a spirited couple who enjoy a drink, and solving mysteries even more so. The banter between the couple is worth its weight in gold, and probably influenced the 1980s Moonlighting series with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

4. Harold and Maude

This dark romantic comedy from 1971 pairs an unlikely couple – a young man with a woman who is nearly 80 – but the relationship, and film itself, is a sweet and quirky look at getting the most out of life.

3. Back to the Future

Any senior citizen would be delighted to travel back to the 1950s with Micheal J Fox in this endearing, witty modern classic.

2. Toy Story

There are three different movies in this franchise, and each one is better than the previous. Any senior will relate to the importance of toys, whether in his or her past, or for their children or grandchildren. The color, comedy, and celebrity voices can make any bleak day brighter.

1. The Wizard of Oz

Usually, when someone comes across this movie on TV, they can’t help but continue watching this dazzling masterpiece. The 1939 film only won Academy Awards for music and song, but the movie that beat it for best picture was Gone With the Wind.

Of course, anybody reading this list will beg to disagree with some of the movies listed. Of course, everyone has their own tastes. However, it may be said, with confidence, that the movies listed here are not only (some of) the best movies for seniors, but (some of) the best movies for anyone of any age who enjoys a good laugh or cry.

A movie is something that can be enjoyed alone, or can be even more enjoyable when viewed with a family member or companion.  Retire-At-Home provides many services for seniors who are living at home, and through companion care, seniors can even find someone to share in the movie watching experience.

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