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It seems as if the older our loved ones get, the more difficult it becomes to find useful and meaningful gifts for them, when gift-giving circumstances arise.

Choosing the right gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or Grandparents Day can be futile for the grandparent who has everything and wants nothing.

If you’re set on finding the perfect gift for a grandparent or senior in your life, we’ve put together a list of the eight gadgets that will not only be appreciated, but can also help protect them and connect your lives to one another – a bonus gift that any grandparent will truly cherish.

Connected Lamps

One lamp that is uniting families nationwide is the Long Distance Touch Lamp by Filimins. When bought as a set, each lamp resides in the homes of both the gift giver and receiver. Once integrated with your home’s WiFi connection, these lamps communicate with one another, alerting its owner when someone is thinking of them. If lives become too busy for a phone call, simply touch the top of the lamp to change its colour ­– an action that is replicated with the other lamp, no matter the distance – showing your grandparent that you’re thinking of them.

Personal Video Assistant

Amazon is helping grandparents all over the globe stay on top of everything from their personal lives to the lives of their family and friends. The Amazon Echo Show is a device that not only acts as a personal assistant to your loved ones, but the 7-inch video screen allows for video phone calls, giving them the ability to hear and see their grandkids quickly and easily.

Smart Sneakers

A new line of shoes designed for seniors, E-vone, is a special shoe that has fall-sensor technology fitted into the comfortable footwear. Grandparents can wear this useful and stylish gift any time of day and know that when they do, they’ll be in good hands. If they were to fall, the shoes vibrate to ask the wearer if they need help. If there is no response, it sends an alert to their family members. It is also GPS equipped, so local respondents know where to find the wearer.

Personal Air Bag

Another accessory that doubles as a safety device is the Hip’Safe by Helite. This belt is great for grandparents who are at risk for falling, as it performs like an air bag, inflating to protect their hips before impact. Seniors will love this gift for the thought, but also for its trendy design.

Cloud Photo Frame

Digital picture frames get an upgrade with the Nixplay WiFi-enabled frame that syncs with photos in the cloud, helping grandparents feel closer to their grandchildren. All you have to do is sync your cloud storage with their frame and remember to upload photos often to surprise them with something new.

Item Locators

If your grandparents could use a gift that helps them find things like their keys, dog leash, or bag, there are a few options they could appreciate, like the Esky item tracker and Tile Mate pack. These devices attach to the items they lose most often and, with Bluetooth, can help track them down using an app or home-based receiver.

Toilet Night Light

While it’s not the most interactive of gifts, any grandparent would appreciate the Rain Bowl Motion Sensor night light for their toilet. For when your loved ones need to go in the night, this light activates when someone approaches the bowl, illuminating the area with a colourful light that creates a pleasant ambiance. It’s pretty, but best of all, it’s protecting them from nighttime slips and falls.

Grocery List Organizer

If your grandparent is still writing out their grocery lists by hand, you can get them a gadget that helps them organize and prepare their lists as they run out of items with the SmartShopper organizer. This device attaches to any wall or fridge and uses voice command to add items. Once your grandparent is ready to shop, they can print out the list to take with them!

Finding the perfect gift for grandparents doesn’t have to mean getting them embroidered hand towels or a good book. Thanks to technology, seniors and their loved ones can feel more connected to one another, feel protected, and find comfort in their convenience.

Have you seen any new gadgets that a grandparent would appreciate as a gift? If so, we’d love to know about them. Send us a comment in the fields below.

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