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Social isolation can be a serious problem for seniors after retirement. Loss of physical mobility and a shrinking social network are certainly contributing factors. As we get older, our social circles tend to get smaller. Decreased mobility does play a role in this, but there are other elements at play as well. For many people, employment and livelihood provide a large portion of daily social interaction. After retirement, there is no longer a need or chance to see these people as often, or even at all in some cases.

Transportation can also become a factor. Seniors reach a certain point where it no longer safe for them to drive. This can result in less social engagement, especially if friends and family don’t live in the same neighborhood.

Social isolation has been known to lead to loneliness and depression. Services such as Companion Care Calgary, can make a huge difference!

What can seniors do to prevent social isolation?

One very effective method for battling solitude is employing the services of a home care agency that provides Companion Care in Calgary. This can serve to provide your loved one with a companion that has their best health interests in mind.

Companion Care Calgary – Retire-At-Home Services

Retire-At Home is a professional home care agency that specializes in companion care services. The caregivers at Retire-At-Home have been selected for their home care experience and training as well their compassion.

Companion caregivers are available to help seniors with daily tasks while providing social engagement and overseeing their safety.

Companion Care Calgary – Services Offered

Social activity is a necessary enterprise for humans, and a key to happiness for a lot of people. Even introverts that love their alone time, need a healthy balance of social interaction.

Retire-At-Home offers an assortment of Companion Care Services in Calgary:

  • Companionship at your location of choice
  • Assistance with errands like grocery lists and shopping
  • Advice on nutrition and help with meal preparation
  • Home safety
  • Pet care
  • Hobbies, games, and crafts
  • Accompaniment for appointments and other outings
  • Respite care
  • Overnight care available

These are a few of the services seniors can take advantage of with Companion Care Calgary. Care plans can be completely tailored to your specific home care needs and personality preferences.

Companion caregivers will be spending a significant amount of time with your loved one, so it is important for them to be compatible. Caregivers will be matched based on a set of selected criteria.

Benefits of Companion Care Calgary

The benefits of companion care can be tremendous and wide-reaching. It all starts with increased social interaction, but that can lead to other health improvements. Advantages include:

  • Expanded social activity
  • Mental stimulation
  • Physical exercise

Companion Care Calgary – Expanded Social Activity

The main focus of companion care is to increase social engagement for your loved one. Seniors that lack sufficient social activity have a much higher chance of becoming isolated and depressed.

Companion Care Calgary – Mental Stimulation

More social interaction leads directly to increased mental stimulation. the communication process forces us to receive incoming information, process it, and formulate a response. This helps keeps the mind active and sharp.

Companion Care Calgary – Physical Exercise

People that engage in more social activity, tend to also get more physical exercise. Social events get people out of the house, increasing physical activity. Even just going for a walk with a companion caregiver can get seniors more social, mentally, and physically active.

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