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Nursing Foot Care Etobicoke

Our feet may be the most overworked and under-appreciated parts of our entire body. We rely on our feet for so much. Think of how much you count on your feet to get you through a regular day.

It is usually not until a foot problem develops that we realize just how important our feet are. It is not until we have trouble walking, or a persistent foot problem develops, that one truly realizes the significance of regular foot care.

There are various activities and procedures that can be employed to take a preventative approach to foot care. By using proactive techniques, it promotes good foot care, ability to identify issues early, and the opportunity to treat problems before they get out of hand.

Nursing Foot Care Etobicoke – Retire-At-Home Services

If you are looking for some foot care assistance in the Etobicoke area, Retire-at-Home is the perfect solution. With over 20 years experience in home care, the experts at Retire-At-Home have been able to develop some exceptional services that are tailored to the specific and changing needs of seniors.

Retire-At-Home is a distinguished home care agency that offers a wide variety of senior care services including Nursing Foot Care in Etobicoke.

Nursing Foot Care Etobicoke – Services Offered

A selection of services is available to help seniors remain active, mobile, and healthy, all from the comfort of home. Keeping up an active lifestyle, largely hinges on foot health.

Our Nursing Foot Care in Etobicoke includes:

  • Case management
  • Assessments to identify and understand foot issues and related risk factors
  • Foot massage
  • Foot education
  • Nail trimming and cutting
  • Ingrown toenail care
  • Corn and callous care
  • Recommendations for more specialized care if necessary

Foot care services at Retire-At-Home can be personalized to construct a custom care plan that will be based on your unique foot care needs and personal preferences.

Benefits of Nursing Foot Care in Etobicoke

The advantages to be enjoyed from the foot care services of a registered nurse are abundant. Some examples of such benefits include:

  • Regular foot checks and treatments
  • Education
  • Circulation
  • Improved mobility

Nursing Foot Care Etobicoke – Regular Inspections

This is a huge benefit of nursing foot care. Regular inspections will force you to pay more attention to your feet. This makes it easier to spot any irregularities that may arise such as cuts, bruising, swelling, corns, callouses, or bunions.

It also makes it more probable to notice early warning signs or symptoms of serious health conditions in the body, like bad circulation, nerve damage, or diabetes.

Nursing Foot Care Etobicoke – Education

Professional foot care nurses will teach you how to properly care for your feet, as well as how to recognize symptoms and risk factors for different health conditions.

Tips will also be provided about comfortable footwear, exercises, and hygiene.

Nursing Foot Care Etobicoke – Circulation

Foot care nurses will help get the blood flowing with foot baths and foot massages. Many seniors have poor blood circulation, which can lead to other ailments.

Nursing Foot Care Etobicoke – Improved Mobility

One of the biggest goals for those dealing with foot pain, is to stay active through increased mobility. Foot care nurses can help with all aspects of foot care, to keep your loved one physically active. Regular exercise is one of the main pillars of good health.



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