When adults suffer from incontinence, there are many factors that make dismissing the problem or symptoms outright so common. “Oh it only happens when I sneeze” or “It’s not that big of a deal” are phrases you may have used yourself. The problem is that these denials are a barrier to treating incontinence with a health practitioner.

An even bigger barrier? The bulky, plastic-lined and unsightly incontinence “diapers” and pads.

Sure, disposable incontinence products serve a purpose, but it’s hard to keep your dignity and your pride intact if you have to wear something that seems to scream, “I have a little problem!” when all you really want to do is forget you have a problem at all. Incontinence can induce feelings of shame, and that shame can act as a deterrent to seeking treatment.

One of the best parts about being alive today, is that we are fully informed about conditions that were once stigmatized, or too taboo to speak about openly – conditions like mental illness, psoriasis, erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

If anything lets you know you’re not suffering alone, it’s when an onslaught of high quality products hits the market like a storm! Consumers have spoken: They want leakproof, machine washable underwear that will leave them feeling dry – and dare we say it? Sexy!

Here is a look at some of the recent brands to hit the market.


First up is Confitex, a company known for its revolutionary odor-free textile technology. There are three layers working hard in these fashion-forward undergarments, one layer that wicks fluid and dries fast, a second layer that absorbs and the third layer that makes everything leakproof! Even better? There is ZERO plastic.

With a variety of different cuts and styles for both men and women, you can also choose from 3 absorbency levels that range from 5ml to 80ml.


Next on the list, Icon is the women’s incontinence line that sprouted from THINX period underwear. Boasting 4 layers and “pee-proof” technology, Icon’s undies come in five styles: hi-waist, hip hugger, french cut, bikini, and thong. Absorbent for up to 8 teaspoons (or roughly 39 ml) – similar coverage as a light to moderate absorbency pantyliner.

It’s worth mentioning that every pair of Icon underwear helps fund the treatment and recovery for women suffering from fistula – and providing these women in low-resource countries with life-changing surgeries.


While they offer pad-free incontinence solutions for both men and women, let’s take a peek at Wearever’s exceptional men’s line. Armed with a super absorbent built in pad coated in antimicrobial fibers, these undergarments feel like normal underwear and can be washed up to 250 times before they need to be replaced!
Men experiencing light to moderate incontinence will favour the Classic Incontinence Brief, while men dealing with moderate to severe incontinence, the Maximum Absorbency Briefs are just the ticket, lab tested to hold up to 500ml of unwanted liquid!

Every brand listed in the article offers refunds if you’re not satisfied, so the only thing you have to lose is bulky, uncomfortable protective underwear. We hope by sharing and talking about this we make it less taboo and help inform people of their options. It’s great to know that today incontinence isn’t a life sentence to ugly and uncomfortable unmentionables!

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