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senior-mechanical-stair-liftThe wonders of evolving technology have made a variety of lifts for the elderly available right at our fingertips. These mechanical lifts turn recently uninhabitable areas of the home back into everyday living areas that can greatly improve the quality of life and optimistic outlook for the elderly and their caregivers.

Types of Lifts for Senior Citizens

  • common chair lift
  • wheelchair stair lift
  • personal elevator
  • wheelchair platform lift (for use on porches)
  • ceiling lift
  • portable Hoyer lift
  • pool lift
  • dumb waiter
  • bathtub lift
  • recliner lift chair
  • wheelchair lift (for use on vans)

Stair Chair Lift

The traditional chair lift is ideal for any home with multiple levels. It allows seniors who are still mobile to safely take the stairs on their own. While rather bulky for the average staircase, caregivers have found this simple lift to be an enormous time-saver.

Wheelchair Stair Lift

The only difference in this version is the platform for a wheelchair to slide into, positioned where the chair was previously. Some brands come equipped with a fold down seat, allowing use of the lift even without a wheelchair present.

Personal Elevators

Newer in fashion, these elevators have been found to best fit homes with three or more levels. Building one of these into the home is not always as expensive as it sounds. Oftentimes, houses with several floors are built with small rooms or closets on top of each other, making the later addition of an elevator to be possible.

Use of an elevator can vary greatly from wheelchairs to walkers, from excessive groceries to the aging family dog.

Wheelchair Platform Lift (for Porches)

Also widely referred to as vertical platform lifts, these are modern versions of a handicap ramp. Placed to the side of the front porch, they provide accessibility to the mailbox or just another angle from which to enjoy the outdoor life. In many cases, adding a mechanical lift to a house has been more cost affordable, not to mention more appealing to the eye, than the addition of a ramp.

Ceiling Lift

These particular contraptions were designed for the more dependent of the elderly, who may have difficulty transferring themselves from their bed to their commode or wheelchair. The notable feature in these is the two post lift designs it comes equipped with. This makes portability and short term usage possible.

Portable Hoyer Lift

The difference between this mechanical lift and the last version are right in the name. While the ceiling lift is secured in place, the Hoyer lift is on wheels for simple room transfer throughout the day. Originally manufactured as a manual lift using a hydraulic pump, updated releases come with the option of using battery power.

Pool Lift

Essentially the same make as a chair lift, this form is made with a waterproof material for the chair. Seniors can stay in place on the pool lift or opt to go for a swim and return to it later.

Dumb Waiter

Exactly like old fashioned hotels and restaurants use, dumb waiters are like mini manual elevators. Sending groceries or prepared meals, laundry baskets or other heavy items up to the second floor is a breeze with this handy lift.

Bathtub Lifts

While running on battery, this chair lowers to the floor of the tub and rises back to the rim. Notably, they are created to be portable so use of the tub by other family members is still an option.

Recliner Lift Chair

1-2 electric motors power a lift feature that make this recliner practically stand up, then slowly drop back to a normal rest position. Newer models even feature built-in storage, swing out trays and heating or massage options.

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