Modern Grocery Shopping Tools For Seniors

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur or a senior, grocery shopping is a household task that is all too familiar. While the routine task of shopping for groceries is a chore that people try to simplify by weaving it into their daily schedules, for seniors, it’s one that can come with a bit more baggage. For instance, navigating store aisles can be more challenging when a senior is limited in their mobility. Walkers and wheelchairs can be especially difficult to direct for seniors while they’re trying to pick up a few basics, not to mention the challenge of trying to handle a basket or shopping cart.

Many seniors who receive home care have all but given up on this often daily errand due to circumstances beyond their control, requiring the help of a loved one or neighbour to stock their pantries and refrigerators. However, there are not many aging residents who are aware that they have other options. When it comes to maintaining their independence, seniors can think outside the box and turn to local grocery delivery services.

Thanks to technology and consumer demand, senior grocery shopping has never been easier. Large retailers such as Loblaws, Metro, and Walmart have all extended to their customers online ordering systems ­that allow users to select their preferred groceries from a device at home – including the tablet, which remains to be a popular gadget among this aging demographic – and place them into an online shopping cart. Click & Collect is just one example of a service that Loblaws provides via their website and app, which also simultaneously arranges a pick-up or delivery time around anyone’s schedule.

However, large grocery retailers are not the only ones aiding in the acquisition of household ingredients. Many startup companies are coming out of the woodwork to contribute to the growth of an industry that aims to simplify a long-standardized process. Instabuggy and Instacart are two in particular that can ease senior grocery shopping concerns with their fast and fresh food delivery services. Even so, these startups tend to be unmatched by big-time competitor, Amazon Prime Now. With Amazon’s growth and focus on fast grocery delivery services, they’re now offering perishable home drop-offs of everything from produce to milk and eggs, and at a fraction of the price.

If grocery delivery is not required, other food options can be hailed to the front door of any senior. UberEats and Skip The Dishes are two platforms that deliver meals from local restaurants, which makes enjoying a dish from a favourite hot-spot much easier if a senior would prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of happy hour or avoid congested parking areas.

Seniors who are looking to get a little creative with their grocery shopping experience also have the option of subscribing to any number of local businesses, such as Hello Fresh, Goodfood, and Chef’s Plate. These businesses provide a regular service of delivering its customers with fresh and seasonal ingredients, with some services including meal preparation suggestions. Since cooking is a therapeutic task for seniors, subscription services such as these tack on added value to making a difficult trip to the grocery store.

Buying food can be just as fun as it was five or even fifty years ago. With only a few modern tools, senior grocery shopping has evolved into a task that instills confidence and independence in our loved ones, while also introducing them to interesting ways to take care of themselves.

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