White sand beaches that melt into warm turquoise waters. Narrow cobblestone streets winding their way through a medieval town. Ancient temples and modern skyscrapers blended into a palate of vibrant hues. Travel unlocks worlds we’d only previously imagined. It lets us explore the unknown and experience the unexpected. Keep your unexpected adventure from being living without your luggage because it never arrived with ten of the best travel tips for seniors.

1. Bring less

Of all our travel tips for seniors, this is number one. Bring less than you think — try to limit yourself to carry-on bags only. You won’t need most of the stuff you bring with you, so don’t drag it around with you or risk having your bags lost in transit. Pack multi-use items, do a bit of laundry part way through if you need to, and unless you’re going somewhere fancy, leave the jewellery and formal clothes at home.

2. Buy travel health insurance

Like all insurance, hopefully, you won’t need it. If you do get sick while you’re abroad, the medical bills can be astronomical, and your provincial health care won’t cover it. Better safe than sorry!

3. Talk to your doctor

Tell your doctor where you’re going, when, and for how long. They might recommend certain vaccines or prescription medication to take along just in case. When it comes to travel for seniors, always prioritize your health and wellbeing.

4. Plan your medication needs in advance

Never assume that you’ll be able to get your medication abroad. Prescription medications can be a challenge, and some over-the-counter meds are different around the world. You’re always best to bring anything you might need from home. Also, keep everything in its original packaging and, if you’re flying, in a carry-on bag.

5. Consider group travel for seniors

New to travel? Not sure about travelling alone? There are plenty of amazing companies that specialize in travel for seniors. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

6. Be realistic

You’ll never be able to see it all — don’t try. Pick a few of your own highlights and focus on them. Don’t plan non-stop, action-packed travel for seniors unless you’re sure everyone can handle it.

7. Follow a budget, but don’t be cheap

It’s easy to let your spending get away from you when you travel. Keep an eye on what you’re spending. Save money by picnicking from time to time or staying in a local hotel instead of a chain. Just remember, never cheap out on safety or experiences.

8. Do your research before you go

There are many parts of the world where elevators and accessible washrooms are rarities. Research accommodations and their amenities before you book. How much walking will you need to do to get around? Know what you can handle and be prepared.

9. Prepare for the trip there and back

No matter how exciting your destination, there will likely be some time spent on a plane, boat, train, or in a car to get there. Plan accordingly. If you’re flying, make sure you know all the latest rules and how to make the experience as painless as possible.

10. Relax, be flexible, and enjoy your travel in retirement

No trip goes precisely according to plan. Flights get delayed. Bags get lost. The translation wasn’t entirely accurate on the food you ordered. Consider it all a part of the experience and try not to stress. Travel in retirement is meant to be fun!

Travel is one of the greatest luxuries of retirement. You have the freedom to travel whenever you want. Be smart and plan ahead, but be flexible and have fun.


Where are you travelling this year? Share your next destination in the comments below.

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