senior-gadgetsFor the seniors on your holiday gift list, there is a huge variety of electronic gadgets and gizmos for them to enjoy.  By visiting online shops which feature high and low-tech, you can find plenty of affordable gadgets for loved ones over the age of 65. Here is a list of the top ten gadgets for under $50.

Number 10

Older people have thin skin, literally. Reduce the danger of a grisly accident with a safety lid lifter. Priced around $25, these gadgets attach to lids, lifting them safely.

Number 9

Another handy kitchen device is for those grown-ups having a hard time gripping jar lids. An arthritic hand could do with a break. Provide this break with a $10 to $15 jar opener. It fits around jars of different sizes allowing the user to apply leverage instead of brute strength.

Number 8

Mom thinks the font in the newspaper is too small. Are publishers printing books in smaller type? Spare her from the pain of having to get reading glasses by giving her one of the many magnification gadgets on the market. An ultraviolet LED light brightens the page too. Purchase AAA batteries to go along with them.

Number 7

Mom and dad continue to maintain their own house and vehicle, but you worry they are not keeping track of how inflated (or deflated) the tires are. Answer this problem by supplying a user-friendly digital tire gauge for $20 or less.

Number 6

Your parents adore your children, particularly when they go home. The next best thing to having them around, especially if you live far away, is to have lots of picturs in the house, but photo albums clutter the place. No problem: just buy grandma and grandpa digital photo frames. Prices for these gadgets vary depending on how lavish or large they are.

Number 5

Older people may not have any issues with vision, but drivers cannot see them, especially when the nights draw in and they continue to go for long walks after dinner. Glow-in-the-dark gloves solve that problem admirably by keeping parents’ hands warm and making them highly visible. These practical gadgets charge under most types of light and can be recharged regularly. They are even machine washable and priced between $25 and $30.

Number 4

Do your parents continue to use a flashlight when they go into the carport at night looking for the cat? Help them get ahead with a head-mounted light. Head lamps are priced anything from $60 downwards and leave both hands free for balance.

Number 3

When you get older, the ground seems to get further and further away. Give a senior his own telescopic magnet. Although these gadgets reduce to little more than 10cm and can be clipped to a pocket, they extend to more than 20 inches and will lift magnetic items up to 5lbs, all for around $10.

Number 2

Security is as much a child’s concern for mom and dad as it is for her parents. Expecting them to install a complicated system and having workmen go into their home is inconvenient, expensive, and unnecessary. A single wireless alarm can be placed in any vulnerable area such as a bottom-floor window or an exterior door. Expect to pay around $20 or more for these and other simple security gadgets.

Number 1

Older people will sometimes admit that they get drowsy behind the wheel of a car after a certain hour or when they have been driving for more than 60 minutes. An anti-sleep alarm will buzz in your parent’s right ear if his head tips too far to the side. This potentially life-saving device weighs just 14 grams and costs around $13 and is one of the most innovative gadgets for seniors around.

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